Sissy Training Overview ✨ Shifting from a macho man to a dainty, girly-girl is a tall order. To become the type of girl that makes both men’s cocks hard and women’s pussies twitch requires more than the average sissy is capable of giving.

A so-called fem-boi might think pulling on some panties and watching sissy porn for five minutes will do the trick—but for a serious sissy, they want a total transformation.

She wants to look so good that any GG girl would get drool all over themselves with envy.

This isn’t just about getting clothing and makeup; it requires much deeper work. It’s time to really dig in and break free from all the masculinity she accumulated throughout her life.

It’s important to be honest—complete sissification isn’t for everyone. Life circumstances can get in the way of going all the way.

But if you’re serious about becoming a sissy, then welcome! You are about to embark on intense training tasks, conditioning practices, and behavior modifications.

Your Sissy Name

A lot of sissies take the easy way out by simply adapting their male name, like Mike turning into Michelle. But why settle for an unimaginative transformation when there’s a world of possibilities just waiting to be explored?

Don’t be afraid to push your limits–and search online for unique first and last names. No need to create a sissy surname from scratch; you can use family surnames as first names; try Maddison as an example if you were once Mike. Go ahead and make something that truly captures who you are–or who you.

Your Sissy Email

You cannot escape the sissy lifestyle you lead, and your email address should reflect that. Try to imagine what someone would think when they saw Michael Brown——as an email address?

It’s not a very sissy-sounding name, now is it? No excuses; it’s time to make the switch to something more suitable — Michelle— Embrace your identity or suffer the consequences.

Financing Your Sissy Journey

The sissy transformation has already begun – the door of femininity is open and it’s time to enter. Your funds must be used wisely, as there are now a number of new priorities that you must consider.

To achieve your ultimate goal, don’t forget to invest in essential items such as butt plugs, dildos, lip gloss and panties.

As the door swings further open, be sure to budget for these necessities or else risk being left behind.


Begin this treacherous journey by purchasing the most exquisite set of panties. From extravagant brands to conservative designs, find one that makes you feel alive and comfortable.

Look no further than B2BODY (formerly Barbra Lingerie), known for their panties with an extra-large front panel perfect for male anatomy in need of shrinking.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their open-ended gusset/crotch liner, a luxurious feature you’ll appreciate later on.

Despite its top-notch quality, it’s competitively priced. So, don’t think twice and start your quest!

Training Journal

To ensure that your sissy training yields the desired results, you must monitor your progress in a journal.

You may use a physical notebook or a digital app to record details such as your adopted feminine habits, body measurements, weight changes and orgasm counts.

Additionally, it’s best to jot down a list of all the necessary items you must buy to complete your transformation.

Before taking any further steps, make sure to take the time to set up this foundation for success.

Daily Sissy Arousal Ritual

No longer content to exist as an average male, you strive for the highest level of femininity and grace.

You methodically collect twelve pictures of gorgeous women who represent your perfect identity—GG, CD, TG, sissies or a mix thereof. Inspecting each photo with a critical eye, you take in all the details of their physique.

They become your sissy role models, beacons of inspiration that drive your daily ritual. As you slip into those satin panties, the transformation begins. Now go out there and show the world just how much of a sissy you can be!

Set a timer for 15 to 20 minutes, preferably in the same place at the same time each day. Gently slide your penis, which will eventually grow smaller and develop into a feminine clitoris, deep between your legs and tuck it down until there is no fabric gap.

As you scroll through images of women let your fingertips lazily caress the tip of your clitty through the fabric.

Through this daily ritual three things will happen: – You’ll teach yourself how to experience pleasure like a woman – Your mind will link arousal with the image of who you want to become – Your body will learn to be aroused without orgasming To ensure that your clitty remains small and delicate with no signs of arousal, it’s essential that you don’t rely solely on orgasm for stimulation. Of course, you can still have orgasms—for now anyway.

Establishing an Orgasm Schedule

The sensations of pleasure will be immense as you tease your clit, and it won’t be long before you reach a powerful orgasm.

You must remember to remain disciplined though, and use only the tip of one finger to rub lightly against your clit through the fabric of your underwear.

As a sissy in training, it is important to stick to a strict schedule; no less than one week should pass between each release, and if that is too difficult then you are not ready for sissy training just yet.

Any male-like orgasms are strictly forbidden—no more vigorous fapping or penetrative sex! If your partner needs sexual satisfaction, they can take comfort in wearing a strap-on or seek out someone else.

The best results come from those who extend the time between orgasms, so using a chastity device with lock and key is often necessary.

Lip Gloss

Women apply lipstick or lip gloss as a matter of routine. As a sissy, the same should be true for you – the lips need to stand out and become one of your most distinguishing features.

Get some lip gloss and start to apply it multiple times throughout the day – this is a crucial part of conditioning yourself into a sissy and will help you reach your ultimate goal.

Fashion Magazines and Sites

Get Your Ears Pierced

You must fulfill your desires to fully transform into the sissy you strive to be. Don’t wait another second—get those ears pierced! Seek out a professional who specializes in piercing and can use a sterile hollow needle for best results.

But don’t worry: if you’re brave enough, you can even do it yourself at home with sterilized 16-gauge needles and stainless steel studs purchased online.

In addition, proper aftercare is critical to achieving the desired effect; clean piercings with rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide daily and avoid constantly playing with the earrings!

Sissy Shaving

Though shaving your body is essential if you want to be a successful sissy, it can be hard to shake off the feeling of being too girlish.

It’s easy to forget that shaving is, in fact, something that both men and women do—but when you’re trying to become as girly as possible, it can still feel like an alien concept. Even though I realize that sissification means being able to embrace this new process with ease, part of me still resists it because I don’t want to appear too feminine.

No matter how much I long for the sensation of stockings on my freshly shaved legs, I still have trouble getting myself into the mindset of actually doing it.

Sissy Nail Care

It’s time to take your femininity to the next level and make sure it is represented in every aspect of your body, starting with your nails.

Allow them to grow out beyond the tip of your fingertips, file them until they are perfectly shaped and smooth, then add a touch of matte nail polish for an elegant finish.

You’ll be rocking a set of nails that demands attention and will never run any stockings ever again. Your fingers will now receive the full respect they deserve as the girly girl you are on the inside!

Begin Growing Your Hair

It’s time to take control of your femininity and reach for the scissors. With a few snips, your hair will be free to flow in luxurious locks down past your shoulders like a cape of silk.

As the weeks pass by, you can feel yourself grow more comfortable with its length, and proudly keep it well-maintained and neatly styled.

For those without enough hair or too advanced in age to let their own hair grow thickly, wigs provide an amazing way to unleash any desires for wild curls and voluminous waves. Be bold and brave—it’s time to show off your new look!

Anal Stimulation and Stretching

You must prepare your sissy pussy to accept objects of penetration with ease. Three reasons for this are clear: you are no longer a penetrating figure, but an object of penetration; your sexual pleasure will come from dildos and vibrators rather than men or cocks; as your sissy training intensifies, your erogenous zone will move backwards, from the base of your former phallus and across your perineum to your sissy pussy.

No matter how tight and inexperienced you may be, it is possible–indeed advantageous–to stretch your ladyparts in order to fit whatever size comes your way.

If that should happen to be a particularly well-endowed man, then you must be able to receive him without discomfort. The best place to start is by introducing yourself to butt plugs during daily rituals.

Let the plug induce bliss within you as you say your sissy mantra aloud while stimulating yourself through lacy panties, so that you can learn the secret of associating pleasure with penetration.

Once accustomed to wearing a butt plug, up the stakes with a dildo. Start small and work your way up – don’t jump straight into the biggest size lest you cause too much distress. Gradually increase until you reach the perfect size.

A Flat Feminine Front

It is essential that a sissy present an immaculately feminine visage to the world. No matter how large, or in your case, tiny, your genitalia may be, it is of the utmost importance to either create a clever tucking system or invest in a trustworthy gaff garment to thoroughly hide and disguise every single inch of you.

Remembering the design of panties with their handy crotch liners? That thin strip of fabric can easily be utilized as a means to snugly tuck away your limp clitty deep inside. It’s even possible to push your testicles back up and into the sockets which were previously home to them, before descending down lower than desired. Fear not if this proves too difficult; simply pull your nuts up towards the top of your panties and give yourself a tantalizing camel-toe effect instead.

Don’t worry about any physical reactions: chances are slim that such an act will cause arousal in you. Dedicated training via hypno files will eventually make having a low-hanging clitty seem like the norm for you.


With every passing moment, the urge to go to the toilet grows more and more unbearable. You know what you must do. With a shaky hand, you gradually pull down your panties and sit down on the commode.

You feel a thrill of forbidden pleasure as you assume the posture expected of women when using the restroom, a sensation which sends shockwaves of panic through your body and an icy chill through your veins.

You steel yourself for whatever will come next – even with all your preparations, it isn’t easy to venture out in public and face people’s judgement.

When you finally do, you must enter the women’s restroom and there is no escape from sitting to pee – a reminder that no matter how good you look, you’re still not welcome here.


Women’s eating habits stand in stark contrast to those of their male counterparts. Delicately and methodically, they take dainty bites, smaller than the manly-sized-pig-like helpings that men enjoy.

They pull the food away from the utensil with their teeth, taking care to keep their lipstick intact. With each bite they chew slowly and deliberately, pausing after each one before setting down their utensil.

When using a knife, fork or spoon, women do so gently and gracefully; never gripping it like a caveman.

When drinking, a woman holds her glass or cup between her thumb and first two fingers only, letting the last two fingers curl out delicately around the edges. Women are keenly aware of proper etiquette when it comes to dining.


Proper sitting posture is the key to exuding femininity. To sit like a true sissy, back straight as a ruler, will surely have heads turning your way in admiration.

While wearing skirts and dresses, adjust them carefully before settling in the seat of the chair or couch in order to avoid wrinkles while inhabiting your feminine form.

Cross or angle your legs together when sitting and never, ever, open your legs—even if wearing jeans—or cross one ankle over the other knee like a man. Present yourself with poise and grace for all to admire!


The feminine form is all about perfect posture–shoulders pulled back and chest thrust outward, pelvis tilted slightly forward so that your curves are fully showcased, legs straight and thighs pressed together.

Your arms are kept tight against your sides, palms facing forward in submission. One hand can be placed on the hip to draw attention to your body–but never both!

It is permissible to fold your arms lightly in front of you as well to show obedience. The feet should be poised with one leg slightly forward and apart at a 45 degree angle, toes pointed towards the ground.

Standing with both legs wide apart is a sign of superiority and not fitting for a sissy.

Bending Down

With a graceful poise, she squats down to the ground, her eyes keenly focused on the object before her.

She makes sure to keep her back ramrod straight and her head high, not allowing femininity be compromised by any trace of weakness.

Her gaze is steady as she takes in every single detail of what lies before her, never allowing it escape her sight as she slowly reaches out for the item she’s picking up.

Walking in Heels

The feminine walk begins with a military-like stance; shoulders back, pelvis thrust outward and neck slightly arched. As a sissy, you must practice wearing high heels until they become second-nature.

Take tight, precise steps—each heel touching the ground before the rest of the foot is placed firmly on the floor.

The leading leg should be straight as an arrow when it meets the earth, while your elbows remain close to your sides with forearms swaying back and forth, slightly cupped and gently rolling forward. Keep your gaze level and ahead—never looking down at your feet. Mastering the art of striding confidently in heels is the apex of femininity—no one will doubt your gender once you’ve truly perfected this skill.

Take note of how real women move gracefully—focus on how they stand, sit, bend down, or saunter along. Become obsessed with modeling their poise and elegance.

Female Body Differences

Realizing the differences between the female and male body will help you to understand the feminizing measures that must be taken to overcome these shortcomings.

Obviously, a girl typically has wider hips and a smaller waist that gives her that coveted hourglass figure. She also has narrower, more delicate shoulders.

For the face, she—for the most part—doesn’t have much facial hair to deal with. A woman also has a smaller head, a narrower jaw and chin, and a much less prominent browline.

Much of your facial-feminine-shortcomings can effectively be taken care of with skillful application of makeup.

Measure Up

It’s essential for a sissy to establish a body benchmark in order to assess their feminine transformation.

Pull out the measuring tape and record: neck, chest, underbust (essential for finding the perfect bra), waist, hips, thighs (separate measurements on both sides!), calves, upper arms.

Repeat these measurements every few months to notice your body morphing into the hourglass goddess that you know you can be through hard works and dedication.

As you shed those extra pounds while toning your booty in preparation for an enviable bubble butt, those numbers will indicate your progress!

Bra and Breast Forms

It’s time to take the plunge and buy your first bra – don’t just settle for any style, choose something that you love and make sure it fits right.

Sizing between brands can vary so try one on for size before you commit. And don’t forget – bigger isn’t always better in the lingerie department.

With a soft, feminine B-cup, a tight-fitting top will make your curves look amazing! Still not feeling as girly as you’d like? Upgrade your look with some silicone breast forms!

Although they don’t need to be expensive, investing in quality will take your femininity to new heights.

And trust me, as someone who knows a thing or two about heels and lingerie – this was the best girly purchase I ever made.

Padded Butt and/or Hip Enhancers

The journey to sissification will be filled with obstacles, one of which is the inability to widen your hips through diet and exercise.

As a matter of fact, even if you manage to get a bigger booty, it’ll take an armful of hard work and dedication to attain the sought-after bubble butt figure you long for.

To help in this endeavor, invest in some butt-lifting shapewear that can make a huge impact when it comes to how your posterior presents itself—whether it’s on display for the public world or just your own mirror gaze.

Sissy Workout Outfit

If you want to unleash your inner goddess and become the most refined version of yourself, there is no better way than to take charge of your body through exercise.

Boast about your progress in a feminine-godly way by donning a pair of sissy-style exercising tights and a sports/workout bra that will help accentuate your curves.

Feel the power as your muscles grow stronger each day, taking you closer to perfection with each step!


The yoga studio buzzes with energy from the pumping music and chirping of zen-like instructors offering chill advice.

You slip into your new workout clothes, feeling invincible, ready to bend, twist, and move your body in ways you never knew possible.

Your femininity takes shape as you twist and turn your body gracefully, like a ballerina on a stage. If a studio isn’t an option to practice yoga, at home is just as good.

There are endless YouTube yoga tutorials that will help you learn to move your body freely and to become even more flexible than ever before.

Arched Eyebrows

Men have a common protruding browline that can ruin their femininity. To combat this, it’s time to take matters into your own hands.

Buy yourself a pair of high-quality tweezers and start plucking away with ruthless determination.

Yes, it might hurt a little bit, but there is no price too great for beauty. Always pluck from below to achieve an arching browline; leave the upper hairs in place while removing the lower ones. Go in with resolve and come out with sultry eyebrows.

Makeover Videos

If you’re serious about sissification, then mastering the art of makeup is an absolute necessity.

You can’t expect to take on a truly feminine aesthetic without the help of cosmetics, so it’s time to get practicing!

YouTube is full of amazing makeup tutorials that walk you through different looks from natural and pretty to dramatic glamour.

Take a few hours each week to devote yourself to refining your technique and perfecting your feminine visage. With enough practice, soon you’ll be a makeup expert, capable of creating any look your heart desires!

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